Email Setup: Configure cPanel Email in Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is an email client created by Microsoft. Many customers already use Microsoft Outlook as their default email client. Your cPanel email can be configured to work with Microsoft Office.

How Do I Configure Microsoft Outlook?

1. For Windows users Microsoft Outlook should already be installed. If you require Microsoft Outlook it can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website. 

2. Launch Microsoft Outlook.

3. Upon Launching Microsoft Outlook, you will either be:

A.      Prompted to log-in to your email account.

B.      Be logged into your email account: If you are already logged in you will need to add another account. (To do this select the option called first option within the navigation menu called “File".

4. Under Account Information select the option “Add Account”. 

5. You will receive a prompt to log-in. Enter your email address into the text box. Click the blue text “Advanced Options”. Tick the box “Let Me Setup My Account Manually” and click the button “Connect”. 

6.  Go to IMAP.

Enter the Server and Port for Incoming and Outgoing Mail. 

8. Enter the Server and Port for your Incoming and Outgoing Mail. Click Connect. Then click Next.

Incoming email:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL/TLS

Outgoing email:
Port: 465
Encryption method: SSL/TLS

* IMAP settings without SSL *

Incoming email:
Server: (or
Port: 143
Encryption method: none
Outgoing email:
Port: 25
Encryption method: none

9 . Outlook will now ask for your login details. Enter your email credentials. 

10. You can now use your mail account!


How Do I Access My Mail Client Manual Settings?

1.       Log-in to your Client Area

2.       Select the option Products and Services

3.       Select the Hosting Plan that you require!

4.       The Product Dashboard will appear. On the left hand side, you will see a tab called Actions. Within this tab select the first option “Login To cPanel” 

5.       Within cPanel scroll down to the category “Email” 

6.       Select the first option “Email Accounts”

7.       Under the email account you wish to configure select the option “Connect Devices” 

8.       Scroll down till you see “Mail Client Manual Settings” 

9.       Provided are your SSL/TLS Connection settings and your Non-SSL Connection Settings.

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