How Do I Update My Domain’s Name Servers?


Domain Name Server or DNS for short is used by a web browser to verify the web servers IP address to establish a connection before the webpage can load for the visitor.

This support article will show hosting users how the domain name servers (DNS)  are updated!

Find The Domain Name.

  1. First Log-in to the Client Area.
  2. Once logged into the Client Area. Select the Domains option.
  3. Here you can view purchased Domain Names hosted with us. Select the Domain Name you wish to update.

Update Domain Name Servers!

  1. Under the Manage Tab. Select the option Nameservers.
  2. Use our default nameservers. Simply select Use default nameservers. Save updates by clicking Change Nameservers!
  3. Use custom nameservers. Select Use custom nameservers.

a.     Enter the custom Nameservers.

b.     Save updates. Click Change Nameservers!

Well-Done. You have successfully updated the domain name servers.

Please be aware nameservers updates can take 3 days to apply to DNS Records.





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